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Grandmaster Rogers, 10th Degree Black Belt and Founder of the African American Martial Art of Kwa Asilia A Vita Sanaa photo 1512329_10202856920413994_1595147640_n.jpg FIRST CLASS FREE, GRANDMASTER ROGERS 10TH DEGREE BLACKBELT AND FOUNDER OF KWA ASILIA A VITA SANAA-MIXED MARTIAL ART & SUPPLIES. Everyone Is Welcome! @ Madilyn Clark Studios 10852 Burbank Blvd. North Hollywood, CA !!! Call for info. 818-505-1441: You can also show your support by making a donation to our program. WE ACCEPT CASH AND CHECKS, NO CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS ACCEPTED. Thank you in advance for your support!.

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 TO JOIN!  call (818) 505-1441, or email us at the AFRICANAMERICANSHADOWBOXING1@NETZERO.NET  Muay Thai academy in North Hollywood, Ca 

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EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO TRY A FREE CLASS. Call (818) 505-1441:  This is not a KARATE school. We do not pretend to teach you or your child to defend yourself, we are for real, fun, safe and age appropriate. {WITH REAL AGE APPROPRIATE MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING YOU OR YOUR CHILD ACTUALLY LEARN HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELVES AT YOUR OWN LEVEL!!!} Ya or Kwa Asilia A Vita Sanaa (The Original Martial Art) is a complete Martial Art or {MMA} Mixed Martial Art for the entire family!  Krav Maga in Sherman Oaks, Ca.

Here you learn grappling, boxing, kickboxing, self-defense, weapons, basic Internal Arts and first aid taught in a safe and age appropriate manor for men, women, and children. Have fun with reality based training while keeping fit with Mixed Martial Arts conditioning. OUR IS A LIFE CHANGING PHILOSOPHY, OUR TRAINING IS NOT JUST FOR FIGHTING, BUT IF YOU DON'T LEARN TO FIGHT BACK, IT IS UNREALISTIC TO THINK THAT YOU CAN DEFEND YOURSELF!!!  African American Martial Arts - Grandmaster Rogers

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SPECIAL 1 MONTH FREE W/purchace of 2 months at regular price. (Uniform Not Included)   [NEW STUDENTS ONLY]                                   WE ARE TRAINING CHAMPIONS IN LIFE! 

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